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Squirrels commonly take up residency in attics, as mothers find the atmosphere great for raising their litters. The animals also end up between walls, down chimneys and in fireplaces. Oftentimes, the first sign you may have a squirrel problem will be the noises you hear from above—scratching, gnawing and scurrying.

Squirrel control is important because the animals will leave behind droppings and chew through wood, AC ducts and electrical wires, which is a fire hazard. For all of your squirrel removal needs, call the experts at Animal Trappers Orlando, who will trap and remove squirrels, getting rid of them for good.

The first step in squirrel control is to identify points of entry. Squirrels often chew their way into an attic. And if they only have one (or up to a few) entry/exit points, these points will be great places to set traps because the squirrel will eventually have to come out for water or food. Another option is to use baited traps. All traps must be monitored, and squirrels should be properly removed as they are trapped. If they stay in the traps for too long, there is a good chance they will panic and die.

After trapping squirrels, our experts will remove them from your property. Upon removal, holes will be sealed, as this is the most important part of getting rid of squirrels for good. This integrated process ensures long-term squirrel control.

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