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Snake Problems

Florida is home to 45 species of snakes. Problems often arise when snakes become unwanted guests on your property. You may want to get rid of snakes because they can cause damage to your yard/property, they may spread disease and they could potentially endanger humans or pets. In Central Florida, only four types of venomous snakes are found. These problematic snakes are the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnakes, Coral Snakes and Water Moccasins (also known as Cottonmouths). Different methods of getting rid of snakes include the use of snake repellent and traps.

The experts at Animal Trappers Orlando will use a safe, integrated process to ensure proper snake removal.

Getting Rid of Snakes

There are many different ways to combat snake problems. Removal methods include:
Snake Repellent. There are plenty of different snake repellents on the market, but not all of them have been proven effective. Better and safer removal methods are mentioned below.

Snake Hook. This tool is good for catching larger, thicker snakes that can’t be caught by hand. The hook holds the snake in place so that the snake can be lifted. It’s important to properly balance the snake onto the hook or else it can slip off.

Snake Tong. There are various kinds of tongs, all of which are better suited for thinner, faster snakes that may be hard to grasp with a snake hook. Though this method works, precision is key—proper aim and speed must be taken into consideration in order to successfully catch the snake.

Snake Trap. When using this method, it’s often a good idea to set multiple traps to ensure capture. Once traps are in place, snakes eventually get caught due to the scent-attract dots found in the trap. Upon capture, snakes are trapped by glue.

Catching by Hand. Though effective, this method puts you at risk of being bitten. Therefore, only professionals should attempt to catch snakes by hand.

With any of these methods, the captured snake can be placed into a bag and safely removed.

As with wildlife control management of any type, an integrated method of inspection, capture and removal must take place to ensure proper pest control. And the experts at Animal Trappers Orlando will do just that!

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