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In addition to the wildlife removal services we offer, Animal Trappers Orlando will remove wasps and bees from your property.

Whether or not you’re allergic to wasp and bee stings, you still may find them to be a nuisance and wish to have them removed. These insects typically sting when they’re agitated, and the onset of this is likely to occur during removal attempt, if not done by a professional. If nests of bees and wasps are not properly removed, they could leave behind dead insects, larvae or traces of honey. And this can lead to a mess, foul odor and even property damage from the honey leakage.

Our integrated approach to wasp and bee removal is somewhat similar to that of wildlife. We will first conduct a property inspection, followed by a search for points of entry and then properly remove the insects. Points of entry need to be closed off so that the insects can’t get inside of your home or place of business. Once this is done, we will remove the insects and also their hives.

So call our professionals at Animal Trappers Orlando if you’re experiencing wasp or bee problems!

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