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How to Get Rid of Rodents

When it comes to trapping rats, the experts at Animal Trappers Orlando are here to help. In Orlando, rats are commonly found in attics, where the rodents gnaw and chew on pipes, AC ducts and electrical wires—causing a fire hazard and ruining plumbing. Rats leave behind droppings, contaminate food and cause disease. And if they die in your attic or within your walls, the stench will be hard for you to put up with. Therefore, you will want to hire professionals experienced in both the trapping and removal of rats.

There are numerous rodent poisons on the market, and poisoning can seem like a convenient DIY method to get rid of rats. However, this is not going to result in a long-term solution. Live rats can be left behind and the ones killed by the poison can fall between walls, causing a pungent stench. And, though poisoning may kill rats, the rodent scent will still be present, which will end up attracting more rats and other wildlife. Professionals must be called in to ensure a long-term solution.

Attic Rat Removal

Rats often seek shelter in attics because of the warmth and protection from predators. Once rats are in an attic, their scent attracts other rats. Therefore trapping, proper removal and cleanup/removal of scent are all critical in getting rid of the rodents.

Upon inspection, entry points are identified and either sealed or lined with traps. Once rats are trapped, they are properly removed. The attic should then be professionally decontaminated. Depending on the damage done by the rat droppings that have built up, the attic may need to be scrubbed, vacuumed, sprayed or re-insulated.

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