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Rat Extermination

Wild rats carry a host of illnesses, including Salmonella and the potentially deadly Havanti virus. If they are in your home, you need to remove them quickly. They can chew through wiring, disrupt insulation, and have even been known to chew through crucial supporting timbers. If you suspect you have a rat infestation, there are several indicators that can confirm your suspicion, as well as effective measures to exterminate them.

Some signs warning you that unwelcome guests have taken up residence in your home include a distinctive ammonia smell, chewing and scratching noises, visible rat droppings, marks left from them chewing on surfaces in your home, including on food packaging, dirty smears along baseboards, tunnels through taller grass in your yard leading to and from your house, and more.

Poisons are effective, but they are a risk to other animals and small children in the home. Furthermore, if a rat ingests poison and dies in an inaccessible place in your home, it will create an unpleasant odor for a long time as it decomposes.

Traps are usually a more effective extermination method. Humane traps in which you can transport rats away from your home and release them are often illegal in specific areas, and have the disadvantage of passing your problem off to residents who live where you are releasing it. Glue traps merely trap the rat, and you will be left with the unpleasant chore of killing it. There are electronic devices that emit a sound unpleasant to rats, but they have a limited range.

The old-fashioned snap trap seems to be the most effective means of exterminating rats. Bait the trap with dried fruit, peanut butter, bacon, or another food item. Once caught, spray the dead rats thoroughly with disinfectant, double bag in plastic, place in a trash container, and wash your hands carefully with disinfectant soap.

Once you have eliminated your rat problem, take care to prevent a reoccurrence. Seal food in rat proof containers, trim shrubs and high grasses around you foundation, dispose of trash properly, and check your home for and eliminate any possible points of access. If, at any time, you feel that your measures are not effective, do not hesitate to call us for professional assistance.

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