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Dead Rat Removal

A common homeowner complaint is the presence (or smell) of dead animals somewhere in their home. Rats and other rodents seek shelter in times of cold and other foul weather, or they may be in search of food. They can then die in walls and ceilings, making the house smell. If there are rats in the walls or rats in the ceiling of your home, you want them out quickly.

Rats and mice die from many things. They could have eaten poison at your home or at a neighbors and made it to your walls and ceiling before dying. Also, there are many wires in your home that a rat or mouse can chew through, electrocuting themselves, but usually not before causing damage to your electrical system. Cable and phone lines are the most common wires to be found with gnaw marks. When you see this, or if you experience sudden loss of power of electrical items, it could be from rats or mice in the home.

In addition to the odor of dead rodents in the home, there is the issue of health problems caused by decay. Rats can harbor disease, and you should never touch a dead mouse or rat without gloves. Other than nausea, smelling a dead rat doesn’t usually cause health problems. It can, however, interfere with your day-to-day routine and ruin social gatherings. Even after homeowners remove a dead rat, the smell may continue. Decaying rodents can leave behind residue that keeps smelling, whether in insulation or on sheet rock.

In Winter Park, Lake Mary and Sanford, we are experts in dead rat removal. We don’t just remove the rat, we can eliminate the smell and other problems that may be caused by the rodent. Whether there are rats in the ceiling or rats in the wall, we will find them, remove them, and help keep your home looking and smelling better.

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