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If you’re looking for an exterminator who deals with rat infestation problems, the experts at Animal Trappers Orlando are here to help! We specialize in rodent removal, with specific rat control experience, ensuring your home or business is free of rats in no time.

Rat infestation can be a big problem. Roof rats, also known as citrus or black rats, are common to the Orlando area. These rodents find a point of entry in the roof and then get into the attic. And, like squirrels, rats are notorious for their endless gnawing and chewing. This can result in the destruction of air ducts, plumbing and electrical wires, which poses a fire hazard.

Rat control and removal are also important because these rodents carry diseases and leave behind their droppings. Rats can even get into your kitchen, contaminating your food. And if rats happen die in your attic or within your walls, the odor will be unbearable. Therefore, the dead rats must be trapped by experienced exterminators.

Though rat trapping is essential, it is not the only part of proper removal. It’s also important that the rat scent is removed from the property because this scent is what attracts other rats, in addition to other wildlife.

The rodent exterminators at Animal Trappers Orlando are here to help you with professional removal of rats.

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