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Raccoons will often seek to gain entrance into houses and outbuilding through attics and chimneys. Often raccoons will tear off shingles, chew holes in soffit or facia boards in order to gain access to an attic.  The raccoon is able to climb close hanging tree limbs to gain access as well. Raccoons will venture into the house, attic, or roof because they are appealing nesting areas. If raccoons have found their way into your house, close off the access route. If you have a pet door, make sure it can be locked at night. This is a common entryway raccoons and other nuisance animals use to invade your home.

Raccoons are a problem for home owners all over. They are highly intelligent and very curious, raccoons are social especially during mating season.  They are nocturnal in nature and typically cause problems with homeowners during the summer months.

Raccoons can contract several diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans or pets.  Rabies is the greatest concern. The eastern states have the highest incidence of rabies in animals. Although very few US residents get rabies from these animals, people should be careful with ones that act abnormally. Raccoons are members of the bear family, and are very strong. They are not normally aggressive towards humans but will defend itself if it feels threatened, or if you are near it’s young.

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