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If you’re having problems with bird control on your property, the experts at Animal Trappers Orlando are here to help you. More than likely, your problem will be the cause of pigeons, as these birds are common to Orlando. Pigeons may leave behind bird droppings, make excessive noise, consume food or even contaminate food. Some are also disease carriers. For these reasons, you’ll probably find pigeons to be a nuisance.

When it comes to getting rid of birds, our wildlife control experts use an integrated process of inspecting the premises, removing pigeons from the property and using preventative measures to keep the birds from coming back. Such measures are often physical barriers that keep birds from roosting on your property by restricting their access. Measures also include nesting systems that can be placed over specific areas of the building, needle strips that are lined with spikes to keep the birds away and shock tracks that emit electricity. Live trapping can also be done and it’s important that, upon removing the birds themselves, the nests are also disposed of. If the nests are left in tact, it’s likely that birds will return to roost in the area.

To ensure that birds will not return and cause more problems, call the experts at Animal Trappers Orlando.

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