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Mole Problems

The only way to get rid of moles for good is to trap and remove them. And the specialists at Animal Trappers Orlando can help you with mole elimination. Following a thorough inspection, we will trap and remove moles in a humane manner, ensuring your property is mole-free.

Trapping Moles

Mole traps are environmentally friendly and target specific. There are all different kinds, but the humane traps are those that are designed to dispatch the mole as quickly as possible. Moles can be caught using traps such as:
Harpoon Traps. These have strong springs and feature a sharp spike that is intended to strike, and stick in, the mole as it passes.
Scissor Jaw Traps. This easy-to-use trap works by grabbing the mole as it tries to pass. And you can usually check to see if a mole has been captured without having to remove the trap from the ground.

Choker Loop Traps

Though effective and inexpensive, these traps are inhumane as they are made to quickly tighten around moles and kill them.

Using this method will capture a mole without harming it. First an active tunnel is located, and then a hole is dug. The hole must be big enough to accommodate a large container so that as the mole tries to access its tunnel, it falls into one of these traps.

At Animal Trappers Orlando, our experts will remove moles by inspecting your property, properly trapping moles and safely removing them.

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