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Opossums often get into garbage and they can climb into attics, inside walls and even under floorboards, sheds and decks. These animals can cause property damage, as their large droppings can be a mess. Opossums also carry diseases and emit a foul odor—especially if they happen to die in an attic or beneath a floorboard.

If opossums have decided to take residency in your home or place of business, removal may be desired. And the experts at Animal Trappers Orlando can help you with getting rid of opossums. Our specialists use an integrated process of inspecting the premises, identifying points of entry, trapping and removal.

After the points of entry are identified, opossum traps should be baited. The traps can be set either at the entry points themselves, on the ground or inside an attic. And it’s important that the traps be properly monitored.

Trapping isn’t always the answer because sometimes opossums can get between walls. In this case, our specialists at Animal Trappers Orlando would carefully cut into the wall where there is either strong presence of an odor or a scratching sound. Once opossums are found, proper removal will follow.
Whatever the method of capture is, the result will be getting rid of the opossums that have overtaken your property.

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