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Nuisance animals can cause unwanted problems—foul odors, harsh noises or damage to wiring, plumbing, roofs, attics, walls and insulation. These animals often carry diseases, posing a threat to both human and pet inhabitants. And the animal droppings they leave behind can contaminate your home or business.

With so many products on the market for wildlife control, you may attempt animal removal on your own. However, without help from professionals, chances are your efforts will only result in a short-term solution. Oftentimes these DIY methods can be inhumane, resulting in unnecessary animal deaths. Or they may even be illegal. Sometimes animals are left behind in the removal process, and they end up causing pungent odors while they decompose between your walls or in your crawlspace. And if entry points are not properly sealed and animals’ scents are not removed from the property, nuisance animals are likely to return.

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At Animal Trappers Orlando, our courteous and friendly team will do an initial inspection of your home or business to locate animal droppings, detect problems and remove animals from the premises. Our animal removal experts use the appropriate live traps, ensuring they are properly baited and safely placed. We at Animal Trappers Orlando have found that you must learn the habits of your targeted animal: what foods it eats and the trails it uses to locate its food. After trapping and removing the animals from your property, we offer exclusion services to seal any openings the animals may have found or caused. This keeps them from reentering your house or property, reducing future rodent and animal invasion problems.

Some of the services that Animal Trappers Orlando provides: bat removal, bird control, mouse trapping, mole removal, rat removal, snake control, squirrel removal, raccoon trapping, opossum trapping , wasps/bees removal.

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