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Prevention Tips

Animal Removal Prevention Tips: At Animal Trappers Orlando, our team  of animal trappers are trained in animal damage control and prevention. Our efficient wildlife prevention techniques keep them from returning by making sure that we find all points of entry of those unwanted animals. The ideal situation to keep buildings animal and rodent free is to prevent them from getting inside. For example, rodents, rats, mice, can fit through tiny openings and can gnaw through wood, lead, aluminum, copper, cinder block, and concrete. We eliminate problems from re-occurring by installing screening vents, chimney caps and closing all entry holes.

To prevent them from entering openings and make your home or business less accessible try to:

  • Cover all openings in walls larger than 1/4 inch by using gnaw proof materials like steel sheeting.
  • Seal siding gaps at the top of the foundation
  • Seal openings around pipes
  • Close outside doors securely
  • Install tight-fitting weather stripping on the bottom of doors and overhead doors
  • Cover all air vents with 1/4 inch hardware cloth.

Eliminating places that provide shelter, water and food

  • Remove debris inside and around buildings
  • Trim trees and keep grass short to minimize coverage and food sources
  • Clean up food waste everyday
  • Store food at least 1 ft off the floor and away from the wall for easy inspection and sanitation
  • Don’t leave pet food out during the night
  • Eliminate water sources
  • Clean up fruits, nuts, bird feed in your yard.
  • You must change physical conditions of your home or business through animal & rodent prevention.

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